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Fig Newtons: Founder of HomeCooked Hailley Field joins David and Winston this week to tackle the colloquial Fig Newton (recently rebranded as Newtons by Nabisco). For the tasting, five Nabisco Newtons (regular fig, whole wheat fig, fat free fig, triple berry and blueberry) are served alongside crisped up Fig Newtons with whipped goat cheese, as well as a homemade oatmeal fig bar and homemade fig newtons.

Favorite Flavors: This episode is delivering more flavor inspiration! My friend Hailley Field from Homecooked stops by the show to talk about some of our favorite flavor combinations, and how to use them in your own cooking.

Bacon and Imposter Symdrome: Hailley used her HomeCooked superpowers and dived into MJ’s fridge to dream up a delectable dinner after dishing about imposter syndrome, using weed to balance your life, and never, ever giving up. Cheers to the little guy!

HomeCooked with Hailley Field: Our guest today is an expert at making amazing meals with what's on hand. Hailley Field has circled the globe cooking in both restaurants and diverse family kitchens. These adventures led her to create HomeCooked, where she brings together a unique variety of ingredients to make healthy, craveable food at home and bring joy back to the dinner table. We discuss; her best tips on how you can make your own memorable meals, why it's important to have a good sense of humor in the kitchen, the magic of condiment diversity and her favorite complement to poached eggs. Scared of the kitchen?! Tune in and let Hailley turn down the freak out factor on that!