Our Model

Why do we cook with ingredients you already have in your kitchen?

Because it shouldn’t be hard to enjoy food and take care of the planet, too.

HomeCooked was born out of Hailley’s love to combine whatever she finds at home into the perfect meal. But our approach is more than just a personal challenge. We also believe that we have an imperative to address the food waste epidemic in the United States.

Despite our best intentions, Americans waste about a pound of food per person each day. And research has found that people who have healthier diets rich in fruit and vegetables are the most wasteful (the thanks you get for trying to eat healthy!).

Overall, about 150,000 tons of food is tossed out in US households each day, equivalent to about a third of the daily calories that each American consumes. Fruit and vegetables were the most likely to be thrown out, followed by dairy and then meat.


Why does this matter?

This waste has a huge environmental toll. According to the US Department of Agriculture, the volume of discarded food is equivalent to 30 million acres of land, 780 million pounds of pesticide, and 4.2 tons of gallons of irrigated water. Rotting food also clogs up landfills and releases methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

Let’s Raid the Fridge!

We know that we can change this reality with small steps and help you save time along the way, too. Our challenges of using up our food come frm convenience or cosmetics: we don’t have time to use it, or we shun ‘ugly’ vegetables or fruits at the store.

Our Raid the Fridge Model is all about using what we’ve got and getting creative while we’re at it! We use fresh and non-perishable food in your house to make mind-blowingly awesome food that nourishes your family and the planet at the same time. We adjust what we make to your tastes and requests, but always use what’s in your kitchen so you can reduce your footprint deliciously.

We believe that we can enjoy so many great dishes when we get outside our comfort zone. Ready to take your tastebuds on an epic journey?