Meet Hailley, Our Founder & Head Chef

Hailley has been experimenting in the kitchen since she was 10. Always up for an adventure, Hailley spent two years circling the globe by herself while cooking both in restaurants and diverse family kitchens. She loved the unique variety of ingredients she came across in each household she visited and was always faced with new kitchen setups and surprises.

Hailley has also managed and worked in several restaurants and commercial kitchens all over the West Coast before creating HomeCooked and forever changing the at-home chef game.  


Hailley has been featured in Angeleno Magazine, LA Confidential Magazine's "The List" (alongside Beyonce!), and Voyage LA. She has appeared as a guest chef at The Hollywood Farmer’s Market and at some of LA’s most popular food and cooking events including FoodieCon and Live & Dine LA.

Need an engaging, enthusiastic speaker? Hailley has years of professional hosting experience at events large and small. She’s available to Emcee and/or speak at your next workshop, conference, party, or panel. Learn more.

Discover more about Hailley  in her featured interview with VoyageLA and follow her day to day life and journey on Instagram!

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Hailley’s Faves

Favorite dishes to eat

I love to travel around the world via my palate—Mexican one day, French the next, Vietnamese for breakfast…..I never stick to traditional rules about which food counts for which meal. The food I actually end up eating the most would have to be popcorn! I buy the kernels in bulk and use a vintage air popper- I have an arsenal of fun seasonings to mix and match, depending on my mood.

Favorite dishes to cook

Anything bursting with flavor, contrasting textures, or seasonal produce!  We are so incredibly lucky in LA to have some of the best produce selection in the country year-round. Dishes that hit a few different flavor centers are always a hit—sweet and salty, tangy and spicy— it’s fun to mix it up! I love using citrus to brighten up dishes and topping the finished product with some beautiful flaky salt to make it really pop as soon as you take a bite.

Favorite L.A. food memory

My first time trying the #19 at Langer’s. This epic pastrami sandwich is a rite of passage for any Angeleno, and it lives up to ALL the hype.  The rye bread is the best I’ve ever had! I’m also a big fan of their crinkle-cut fries.

Craziest food adventure

How can I choose just one?! The time I rode a stranger’s white horse up a mountain top for tea time in Fiji, the time I rode on the back of a motorcycle for 2 hours up to a mountain lake in Northern Thailand to spend the night eating a local market dinner and sleeping on a floating hut, the time the power went out at a restaurant I was cooking at in Australia and I sang jazz to the guests to distract them, every wedding I cooked for in a 15th century French Castle, Christmas Eve in a family home in the Philippines with an all-night food spread complete with all-night karaoke…..this is just off the top of my head!

Most underappreciated vegetable

Fennel.  A lot of people have never tried it or don’t know how to use it.  Fennel bulbs are crunchy and mild with a hint of sweetness and barely a whisper of anise flavor—don’t be scared!  I love it raw paired with oranges in a salad or carmelized in a sautee to top grilled meats.