About HomeCooked

HomeCooked helps busy professionals and families have more meaningful experiences without wasting time or food. With HomeCooked, the pressure’s off—no recipe planning, no cooking after a long day, and no worrying about how you’ll use those leftover ingredients  or lonely farmers market vegetables.

Just tell us what you love to eat, invite us into your kitchen, and we’ll use what’s already in your fridge to cook a delicious meal. And just like that, dinner is done, more time for fun!

HomeCooked was founded out of a love for adventure, community, and making the best out of any fridge.

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— Claire C.


To take the pressure off of cooking healthy, craveable food at home and bring joy back to the dinner table.



Conscientious Consumption

We’re making a better, less wasteful world through our Raid the Fridge supply model.

Fearless Flexibility

Whether it’s a new kitchen or a hungry crew, we embrace the unknown and dive in without reservation.


Real Roots

We inspire our clients to make deep connections with their families, friends, and their world.

Purposefully Present

Life is short. We know that real joy comes from staying in the moment, and we make those moments better through our connection to food and the planet.